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Membership renewals can be done online or if you prefer, checks can be mailed to our treasurer. To maintain an active membership, please renew by December 31st.

Online Renewal

You can renew your membership online with a bank card or credit card by clicking on the buttons below.

Full Member $50

– Education, training, and experience at or above the doctoral level and who are involved in teaching, research, or clinical practice in neuropsychology or closely related fields.

– Members in good standing in organizations representing your primary discipline (i.e. APA, INS, NAN).

– Active professional interests in neuropsychology and neuropsychological disorders.

Associate Member $35

Open to all individuals who may not meet all the professional requirements for full membership, but whose interests are commensurate with those of CNS and whose credentials otherwise are acceptable.

Student Member $15

Open to all individuals who are enrolled in a program of study leading to a masters or doctoral degree in neuropsychology or a related field.

Renewal by Check

Please include pertinent contact information, renewal type and make check payable to ‘CNS.’

  • Full Member $50
  • Associate Member $35
  • Student Member $15

Mail to:

Gina Signoracci, PhD

Mailing Address:
777 Bannock St., MC 3450
Denver, CO 80204

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