Welcome to Colorado Neuropsychological Society (CNS)

Our Purpose:

The CNS is a professional non-profit organization. We propose to accomplish the following:

  • Foster the development of neuropsychology as a discipline, science and profession through meetings, conferences/workshops, research projects and committee projects;
  • Foster and maintain high standards of care in the best interests of the client/patient;
  • Promote interdisciplinary and inter-professional cooperation; and,
  • Join with other professional groups to exchange information and further the preceding goal

Executive Board

   President, Julie Rippeth, Ph.D., ABPP

J. Mimi Castelo   Immediate Past President, J. Mimi Castelo, Ph.D., ABPP

Christopher Domen    President – Elect, Christopher Domen Ph.D., ABPP

Jennifer Geiger   Secretary – Treasurer, Jennifer Geiger, Ph.D., ABPP

  Secretary-Treasurer – Elect, Cassie Green, Psy. D.

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