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Membership in the Colorado Neuropsychological Society is open to professionals and students in disciplines with a significant proportion of their activities devoted to neuropsychology or closely related fields (e.g. behavioral neurology, neuropsychiatry).

Membership in the Colorado Neuropsychological Society (CNS) commits members to conform to the CNS Guidelines, the American Psychological Association’s (APA) ethical principles and code of conduct, and to the Colorado Psychological Association’s (CPA) guidelines. Full Members will also be listed in our CNS Provider Directory if they choose to.

Membership Dues

To maintain an active membership, please renew by December 31st. Renewal rates are as follows:

  • Full Member $50
  • Associate Member $35
  • Student Member $15

Full Member Requirements

Full Membership shall be open to all individuals who agree with the purposes and objectives of CNS and who meet the following four requirements:

  • Demonstrate evidence of appropriate education, training, and experience in neuropsychology at or beyond the doctoral level, and are involved in teaching, research or clinical practice in neuropsychology or closely related fields, or other activities pertinent to the development and advancement of neuropsychology.
  • Members in good standing of organizations representing their primary discipline (i.e., American Psychology Association, International Neuropsychological Society, National Academy of Neuropsychology, American Psychiatric Association, etc.).
  • Active professionals interested in neuropsychology and neuropsychological disorders.Have been granted a state or provincial license to practice psychology and/or clinical neuropsychology independently.
  • Only Full Members shall have voting privileges in the organization.
  • Only Full Members have the option to be included in the Provider Directory.

Associate Member Requirements

Open to all individuals who may not meet all the professional requirements for full membership, but whose interests are commensurate with those of CNS and whose credentials otherwise are acceptable.

Student Member Requirements

Open to all individuals who are enrolled in a program of study leading to a masters or doctoral degree in neuropsychology or a related field.

Become a CNS Member

To apply to become a CNS Member, please fill out and save a copy of our CNS Application for Membership, then navigate to the New Member Signup page to complete the rest of the application (including uploading your Application for Membership form). The CNS Board will notify you if your application has been accepted; your membership will not be active until you pay required dues after your application is accepted.

Renew Your Membership

To renew your CNS Membership, please sign in using the login link at the top right corner of the website to manage your membership.